2 Pack- Handheld Dog Shower Tool (HL)

2 Pack- Handheld Dog Shower Tool (HL)

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Is your pet giving you too much trouble every bath time?

Give your pet a refreshing bath and easily scrub off the dirt on his fur with this easy-to-use Handheld Dog Shower Tool!

This unique handheld tool combines both a showerhead and a scrubbing brush so you can easily keep your pet still while you bathe him!

It features an ergonomic design that is meant to fit seamlessly into just about any hand size making it the ideal bathing tool for every pet owner!

It’s a must-have all-in-one tool for bathing your pet!

Make bathing your pet a breeze and instantly scrub and rinse your pet with just one hand with the all-in-one Handheld Dog Shower Tool!