(2 Pack) -Lipstick Storage Holder (GC)
(2 Pack) -Lipstick Storage Holder (GC)

(2 Pack) -Lipstick Storage Holder (GC)

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Always having trouble getting your lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners, and other products?

This Lipstick Storage Holder also functions as an amazing storage space for any small item you have in your dresser!


From make up products like brushes and applicators, cleansers, to jewelry, pens, and more!

Made with durable, non-slip, and non-scratch silicone, this protects and holds your things with utmost care!

With each size, its multi-grid design allows more slots for you to place your things in!

Carry it along with you or place it on your dresser, bathroom counter, or desk!

Store your items safer and more convenient with the multi-functional Lipstick Storage Holder!