(2 Pack) Singing Sparrow Shaped Bird Cat Toy (MR)

(2 Pack) Singing Sparrow Shaped Bird Cat Toy (MR)

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Are you looking for a real-looking bird that will delight your adorable feline?

This cute and amazing Singing Sparrow Shaped Bird Cat Toy looks like a real bird and will make a real bird sound when be touched,

The bird design of the toy is intended to attract the cat and let them spend more time with it!

You'll be surprised by how this realistic bird can sing on its own like a real bird!

Using good quality materials and production processes in line with European and American standards and safety requirements that is environmentally quality standards and safety requirements. 

This toy looks very realistic and will automatically attract your pet when it sounds realistic while playing!

It keeps your cat company and keeps them entertained when you're not at home!

Upgrade your traditional immobilized cat toy with a much more interesting Singing Sparrow Shaped Bird Cat Toy which your pet will surely love!