Garage Hinge Accents
Garage Hinge Accents
Garage Hinge Accents

Garage Hinge Accents

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Tired of looking at your plain old bland garage door every time you park?

Decorate your garage and add a little flair to your garage door with these amazingly easy to install Garage Hinge Accents!

This unique decorative set lets you add ornamental handles and hinges to your garage door!

Simply attach these magnetic handles onto your garage door and it will instantly give it a brand new look without any drilling required!

It’s the perfect decorative piece for your garage!

Product Specifications: 
Material: ABS
Handle: 22.5*3cm
Hinges: 38*5.7cm
Package Contents:
4 hinge pieces, 2 handle pieces

Let your garage door pop and bring out a new look with the amazing Garage Hinge Accents!