Magnetic Door Stopper
Magnetic Door Stopper
Magnetic Door Stopper

Magnetic Door Stopper

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Tired of your cabinets and doors constantly closing after you open them?

Prevent your doors from closing up after you open them with the secure Magnetic Door Stopper!

This magnetic door accessory conveniently holds your doors open and protects your walls from damage!

Features a powerful neodymium magnet that is guaranteed to keep your doors stable and perfectly in place!

It’s a great door stopper for your office, toilets, bedrooms, and more!

Product Specifications: 
Materials: Neodymium magnet, Stainless steel
Dimensions: 15mm x 37mm
Package Contents:
1x Magnetic Door Stopper Set
 2x Stickers
 4x Screws

Stop your doors from hitting and damaging your walls with the ultra-convenient Magnetic Door Stopper!