Pipe Inner Cleaning Brush
Pipe Inner Cleaning Brush
Pipe Inner Cleaning Brush

Pipe Inner Cleaning Brush

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Having a hard time dealing with all that disgusting gunk that keeps finding its way inside your pipe?

Unblock your Pipe drain hole hassle-free with the convenient and easy-to-use Pipe Inner Cleaning Brush! 

This one-of-a-kind cleaning tool features a fully adjustable cleaning tube to provide you with unparalleled accessibility to easily clean the insides of your Pipe!

This efficient dryer vent brush can be used with or without a power drill and will help you achieve professional results. Simply connect the tube brush to your desired length extend up to 12 feet and insert it carefully inside the drain!

It’s a must-have cleaning tool to keep your pipe in optimal performance!

Product Specifications:
Material: Nylon
Rod Length: app.620mm/24.41in
Brush Diameter: 110mm/4.33in

Scope of application: Domestic industrial chimney boiler dryer and other pipeline cleaning work

Get rid of pipe stains and residue and prevent the clog on your pipe with the remarkable Pipe Inner Cleaning Brush!