Washing Machine Support
Washing Machine Support
Washing Machine Support

Washing Machine Support

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Is your washing machine constantly wobbling all over the place?

Elevate your washing machine and prevent it from making that awful wobbling noise with the ultra-convenient Washing Machine Support!

These amazing pads are designed to keep your washing machine elevated and absorbs the shock out of your wobbling washing machine!

It’s designed to help most of the vibration and noise caused by your washing machine giving you a quieter operation at home!

It’s the perfect non-slip noise-reducing pads for your machines!

Product Specifications: 
Material: Rubber, TPU
Product Weight: 85g
Available Color: Gray
Inner Diameter: 7x4.7x4cm
Package Contents:
2x Washing Machine Support

Get the peace and quiet that you need for your home and stop your washing machine from wobbling with the amazing Washing Machine Support!